As immunization schedules are routinely updated, many people find it increasingly difficult and troublesome to keep track of their own and their dependents’ immunization progress. Immuno aims to help those people by providing an all-in-one platform that is convenient, trustworthy, and accessible. 


Research, UI/UX, Visual Design, Prototyping, User Testing, Motion Graphics, 


May–June 2020 (6 weeks)


Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, Figma, After Effects


Anna Asgaraly, Chelsea Shum, Natasha Tang, Lynn Wangchen


Get Immunized. Stay Protected.


Routine vaccines are key to preventing a variety of diseases. However, many people remain underimmunized. People may forget that they or their dependents are due for a vaccine. We often rely too heavily on the healthcare system to let us know when we need our next vaccine.


An online, virtual platform where tracking and keeping up to date on immunizations is made easy. The key features of Immuno include the ability to simultaneously keep track of multiple vaccination records, access and update such records, and schedule appointments easily for upcoming immunizations. A vast database of resources is also available to users who want to learn more about vaccines and related illnesses.

Initial Development

We created a PACT Analysis (People, Activities, Contexts, and Technologies), which is a framework used to establish who the user is, and how they will be interacting with a product. From this information, we created Personas and User Scenarios to narrow down the needs of our potential user.

User Interviews

We came conducted interviews with potential users, with our established system map in mind, to gauge what they considered important or useful to have access to in an immunization tracking application. View the full Interview Process.


System Map

We then created a Systems Requirement Chart using the MoSCoW method (Must have, Should have, Could have, and Won’t have), which is a prioritization technique used to determine which features are the most essential to the function of the application. These requirements, with the timeframe in mind, then informed the system map.

immuno structure.png


Visual Design

After conducting UI Research, we settled on a visual style which was professional, trustworthy, reliable, clean, friendly and engaging. We then created a Style Guide outlining the way our brand was to be utilized within the Immuno application.


User Testing

We tested our prototype with three users, recording the way they interacted with Immuno and difficulties they had performing actions. These research findings were greatly helpful in showing us issues we previously oversaw, and they informed the subsequent iteration of Immuno. Our full User Interview Process.


These are the changes we made to the product after this process:


Final Screens




Create an account with your personal  information and start using Immuno today!



Nearby Clinics


Search for clinics right within the app. From there, you can schedule your next vaccine appointment.





Immuno tells you which vaccines are recommended for your future travel destinations.



Appointments & Records


Find out which vaccines are suggested, schedule your appointments, and easily access your records whenever.





With our built-in calendar, you’ll never miss an appointment. Easily filter through family members to view their schedules.


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